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Electronic Storage Devices Residual Data Disposal Certificate and Instructions

The UM 31 Form Electronic Storage Devices Residual Data Disposal Certificate has been created for departments to use to show the method of data disposal prior to sending Storage Devices to Surplus. Departments may attach this form to the Form 27 when requesting pick-up or sending assets to Surplus.

  • The signature and corresponding printed name should be of the person at the department who is verifying that Data has been disposed.

  • The DeptID, PS Account Number & MoCode only need to be provided when Surplus Property is selling a department's assets.

  • Item Description can be as general or detailed as the department would like and serial number should be for the largest component, either the computer, cell phone, etc. itself or the hard drive if that is being sent to surplus or shredded separately.

  • Under the "Wiped" column the department may want to note the method, Degauss, DOD etc and under "Destroyer" mark Shred, Drill etc.

  • The Initials column should be used by the department to mark who performed the Data Disposal. If Data is ever found to remain on a Storage Device the department can then retrain the employee in Data destruction and its importance to the University.